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"Amazingly Helpful To My Business And Personal Reputation." Les Adkins. Founder/CEO at Orange SMS 

I met Neil through his partner Craig Williams. I became a client last year and have been very impressed with Neil's savvy ability in regards to Authority Marketing. Neil has been amazingly helpful to my business and personal reputation in regards to articles and videos that have gotten several mentions in online publications like ABC, NBC, Fox and more. Also they have been vital in increasing my presence as an authority figure in the Digital/Mobile and Social Media Strategy niche. My business has been in existence for 6 years and Neil and his agency have done more in regards to marketing and increasing my personal presence as an expert in my field than anything I have previously attempted. Craig, Neil's partner, stated it best that they don't make something out of nothing but take the leaders in their individual fields and get their name out there to promote the hard work they have done and are still doing. Neil is one of those quiet guys who doesn't toot his own horn but is very effective in developing a marketing/authority strategy for you and your business that is above and beyond any one else out there.
I highly recommend Neil and Authority Marketing for those individuals and entrepreneurs who have worked hard and created a solid business and is ready for the next level. 

"Brings you and your business to Celebrity Authority status." June Cline, CSP. Keynote Speaker & Conference Kick Starter, Best Selling Author

If you do not 'know' Neil Howe and his expertise in positioning your greatness, then you are losing value, time and ground of being known as THE expert in your field.
You will 'like' Neil and the services he provides to bring you and your business to Celebrity Authority status.
'Trust' me when I tell you the Buzz and Benefits you will receive from Neil's genius are worth every dollar spent to elevate your image.
Our project with Neil resulted in reaching Amazon #1 Best Seller for our book Happiness Recipe: Whippin' up wit, wisdom and wonderful food.
Neil Howe takes the time tested sales formula, "know, like, trust," to new heights as he elevates you and your business to celebrity status.
I can not recommend more highly the genius and expertise of Neil Howe

"Helped Us Establish Credibility as an Authority and Leader" - Denny Faircloth- Executive Vice President at InVida Financial Network

My wife and I recently started a new business called,Tribe Alive, which is a lifestyle brand that utilizes a passion for fashion and responsible commerce as a platform to help alleviate poverty among women. We used a crowd funding campaign to raise the startup capital and Neil was one of our most valuable assets during the campaign. He helped us establish credibility as an authority and leader in the "Fair Trade" fashion world and get an insane amount of exposure for the campaign. We leveraged that exposure and our new found celebrity status to raise over $20,000 before we even officially launched the brand and it wouldn't have been possible without his help.
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Presidential Cabinet appointee, Maria Contreras-Sweet in Pro Business channel Studios talking Small Business Growth. Fill out Survey (above) to apply for a featured interview on our Business Authority Radio show and share your expert knowledge.
Breaking down the recipe for Authority on our Business Authority Radio show. Click the image to connect with us now.
"The Authority Architect"- is a 3 time best selling author, syndicated business radio talk show host, media strategist and writer for Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine. Neil's publications have been featured in major media outlets.
Craig Williams is "The Last Man Standing" on season 3 of NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump he is a serial entrepreneur and social architect.
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